Maldivian's new ATR aircraft to arrive in two days

National airline, Maldivian's fourth ATR aircraft will arrive in the Maldives within the next three days, the airline's operator Island Aviation Services (IAS) has said.

The 42-seat aircraft is brand new and departs from Toulouse, France, according to IAS. Maldivian is set to add another ATR craft to its fleet later this year, as part of plans to expand Maldivian's domestic operations.

Last year in January, IAS introduced its first ATR aircraft to the Maldives, followed by two 72-seat aircraft. In April of the same year, the company expanded its fleet with a third ATR aircraft, also boasting a capacity of 42 seats.

Maldivian is also looking to lease a Boeing 787-8 and acquire a wide-body aircraft. These aircraft will have 250 seats, the IAS said.