Avas explained: China Maldives Friendship Bridge

When the project was announced by the Government, the China Maldives Friendship Bridge became a source of criticism towards the Government and proponents of the Government. The opponents and the naysayers claimed this as a non-starter.

The bridge project began with a bang, when the vessels arrived to Male’ bringing in construction crew and materials. The area, commonly known as Lonuziyaaraaiykolhu, became a locus for both sight seers and the construction officials.

The Government did not need to issue constant updates of the bridge project; the coverage of every single development was reported by the keen eyed observers flocked to the site area.

The appearance of the red platform was hailed by many as the start of the initiative, with almost all calling it a historical development. Government allied “Asurumaa” reported this, stating that the first beams of the Bridge had been constructed.

Avas approached Housing Minister Dr. Mohamed Muizz regarding the new platform.

“This is not part of the bridge. These platforms will be used to install the bridge foundation pipes. Once all the platforms are constructed a temporary trestle bridge will be created, which will then be used in creating the actual bridge. Five platforms will be completed by May 10,” Minister Muizz said.

Muizz said the China Maldives Friendship Bridge will be created adjacent to the platforms.

“The beams of the Bridge will be constructed after the platforms are created. The Bridge will be constructed left of the platforms. The platforms will be removed after the bridge is completed,” Minister said.