Record profits from basic services: MWSC

- Employees satisfied with increase in profits
- Services of company to be strengthened this year
- Investments into new projects

For Male’ Water and Sewerage Company (MWSC) 2016 so far had proved to be a successful year. In the 21 years of operation, the company had posted record profits. Generating record profits from basic services is an aspect that is rarely heard of.

“Profits were generated by a combination of cost reduction programs and employee participation,” company Managing Director Fazul Rasheed said in the anniversary celebrations held in Dharubaaruge.

Looking at the statistics for 2014, the company generated MVR 729 million. In 2015, the figure had jumped to MVR 963 million. MVR 154 million was posted as profits. The figure rose to MVR 368 milion, a 139 percent increase.

In 2014, engineering projects earned the company MVR 150.57 million. Engineering projects scored an increase of 121 percent in 2015, with the figure rising to MVR 337.9 million. Manufacturing sector earned the company a clean MVR 160.2 million in 2014, which rose to MVR 182 million the next year. This a 27 percent increase in earnings.

In spite of the high earnings, the last three years had proved to be full of challenges, chief among them was the fire in MWSC, disrupting water to Male’. This incident was one of the biggest public relations snafus for the company. The company is usually aimed with criticism, mainly on the slow response times and supply.

So, the bigger question to ask if the company is investing to improve the service?

MD Fazul said the company was creating water storage areas in various parts of Male’. Once completed, the company will be able to generate 25,000 cubic meters of water daily.

“Construction of a 5,000 cubic meter RO plant in the company warehouse in Bodu Thakurufaanu magu is ongoing. After the project is completed, [we] can generate water up to 25,000 cubic meters. The project will be completed within a year. The center can house an additional RO plant, with the capacity to produce 5,000 cubic meters of water,” Fazul said.

“This year [MWSC] created a 2,000 cubic meter water plant in Haveeree Hingun. Eight boreholes will be drilled to pump water to the system. Two boreholes are completed. Remaining boreholes will be constructed soon,” he said.

“The projects are carried out with funds from the water fund established and supplier credit facility,” Fazul added.

What projects are next for MWSC?

Projects to be carried out
- Customer service building upgrade
- Renovation and upgrade of powerhouse for water supply system
- Water supply system via Hulhule’ Male’ Bridge

Projects for revenue generation
- Laboratory services
- Engineering services
- Pipe production for water wiring works
- Manufacturing
- Water bottle manufacturing facility
- Water bottling factories in Dhuvaafaru, HDh. Kulhudhuffushi
- Deep sea projects

MWSC has targeted to bring in service upgrades in line with the increase in profits. The company had increased the bonuses of service staff by 91 percent.