Ahmed Areef

Lack of coordination between Police, Courts: CP

Commissioner of Police Ahmed Areef has admitted there is a lack of coordination between Police and Courts. He also noted issues in summoning individuals to Court and budget.

Speaking in the sessions held with the Police in the Judges Symposium, CP said in some cases, an individual had been summoned to two Courts at the same time.

"[We] can discuss to resolve such issues. There are many issues, like summoning people to Court, budget. Some cases, two Courts issue summons on one individual to appear in Court at the same time. I cannot go into details of all issues," CP said.

CP also said that in some cases, one witness is summoned five or six times to give their statements.

He assured that he will seek to resolve the many issues raised by the Judges, adding that his focus was on reforming and revamping the investigative process.

"My focus is to reform the investigative process. I believe that the work of Police is to protect the rights of the citizens. We have implemented measures to clear cases within a certain period of time," CP said.

CP added that there was no point in donning the Police uniforms if the services provided to the public were not improved.