Explainer: Hulhumale', the land of hopes!

  • 15800 housing units in two years
  • 2.50 sq meters per person in open space
  • 40000 sq feet in retail space alone

The 12 year old Hulhumale' has become the city of hopes. Over 35000 people live in the City. The development of the City had caused many to question the sustainability of the development. But at the two and half year mark of President Yameen's tenure, all we can see is speed

When we look at the speed of development, the most impressive one is the development of the second phase of Hulhumale'.

"Based on applying speed to the work, speed is the most prominent factor. This month marks 12 years to the settlement of the city. In the 10 years, people had been living in around 2000 government supported social housing," HDC Managing Director Saiman said.

"However, in the past two years 15800 housing units are proceeding as planned in the agreement," he said.

The question left to ask whether how much can be achieved before 2018.

Saiman said that 700 housing units were nearing completion and the 15000 housing units being built in the reclaimed area will be finished mid 2018. He added that HDC was sure that this can proceed as planned.

Statistics show that in 10 years 30000 sq feet had been set as retail outlet space in Hulhumale'. However, even this year alone, over 40000 sq feet of land had been opened as retail space.

"With this we can see how much speed had been applied. Especially, given the developments over the past two years," Saiman said.

The Tree Top Hospital developed by a private partner in the city will change the health sector of the country. With the Hospital to begin operation next year and will be the biggest private an internationally managed company.

"Shop space or retails space and other development spells more jobs. We can see this trend in all areas of Hulhumale', developing the entire City. This is the city of hopes. We can guarantee that based on the past data of 12 years," Saiman said.

Saiman said the phase two of the city was reclaimed at a fast speed, with the yatch marina, tourism island being developed at a fast speed to yield results.

One important aspect of Hulhumale' development was health, well being, sports and recreation. Even though the Park had been developed, the facilities and open spaces are still limited. The focus now is to increase the open spaces, as well as sports and recreational facilities.

Even though no formal plan had been targeted to increase the open areas of Hulhumale', HDC aims to increase the square meter area per person to 2.50 sq meter by end of expansion.

Male' is a congested area with nearly 200000 residents. The open area space ration is at 1.3. Major cities in developed nations are at this rate. If Hulhumale' is built at this rate, the city will become a quality and healthy city that will cater to the population. It will become a milestone for the country in livelihood.

Creating open spaces on healthy standards is a costly endeavor. Developing cities in new cities are developed with creating open spaces and recreation areas. Hulhumale' is developed in such a model. What did HDC have to say about it?

"Hulhumale' plan was developed with the Singapore master plan as a model. Latest research from Singapore shows that open spaces, parks, water spaces were three or four times more. With this the commercial value of the area will increase as well. Therefore, the government spend on the city will be recoverable, the commercial value will rise," Saiman said.