Abdulla Jihad

Jihad appointed as Vice President

  • Nazim as Health Minister
  • Zuhoor as Home Minister, Irthisham to head Youth Ministry
  • Zeneesha as Gender Minister, Munawwar as Finance Minister

President Abdullah Yameen Abdul Qayyoom has brought about several changes to the Government and has appointed Finance Minister Abdullah Jihad as Vice President.

Jihad was appointed to the position after the position had remained vacant for around eight months following the dismissal of his predecessor, Ahmed Adeeb.

Additionally, former Youth Minister Ahmed Zuhoor has been appointed as Home Minister, while Ahmed Munawwar has been appointed as Finance Minister.

Abdullah Nazim Ibrahim has been appointed as the Minister for Health. Zeneesha Shaheed Zaki has been appointed as Minister of Gender and Family. Irthisham Adam will now serve as Youth Minister.

The Ministers were sworn in today by Chief Justice Abdullah Saeed in a ceremony held in the President's Office. Jumhooree Party Leader Qasim Ibrahim, PPM PG Leader, Deputy Leader and representatives of MDA attended the ceremony.