Mohamed Nazim

Supreme Court upholds Nazim High Court verdict

  • Supreme Court upholds High Court verdict
  • Nazim had submitted new evidence
  • State had presented one new evidence

Supreme Court has rejected the appeal filed by former Defense Minister Colonel (Rtd) Mohamed Nazim. Nazim's lawyer, Husnu Suood had confirmed the rejection.

The letter sent by Supreme Court regarding the matter said that there were no legal grounds to accept the appeal as High Court verdict was a just one. The letter sad the High Court verdict was carried out according to the legal and judicial means and therefore did not warrant a change to the verdict.

Supreme Court made the decision after Nazim had presented new evidence to the case. Two hearings of the case were held in Supreme Court and in both hearings Nazim's defense had presented evidence on the case.

The state had also presented evidence in the case as well. While the Police had said Adeeb's DNA was found in pistol from Nazim's residence, the report had been sent to Supreme Court.

Nazim's defense had argued in the lower courts that Nazim was framed but had not been able to prove that.

Nazim's defense alleged that there was a match in the method used to erase serial numbers from the weapons cache in Himbalhidhoo and the pistol found in Nazim's home. Nazim's lawyer Husnu Suood had alleged the pistol was smuggled in by a Police officer, on the orders of Adeeb, in the raid conducted on his residence.

Suood also said that night former CP Hussain Waheed had urgently visited the former PG Muhthaz Muhsin, claiming that Nazim was going to murder him. Suood said this information was supplied to Hussain Waheed by Adeeb. He also said Hussain Waheed, Muhthaz Muhsin and Adeeb had been waiting in a car near Nazim's residence at the time he was arrested.

In the hearings, Suood said that Adeeb was fully aware that the Police was conducting a raid on the residence of the then Defense Minister, prior to the raid. He also said the defense had evidence that Adeeb had contacted journalists informing of the discovery of the pistol in Nazim's residence as well as his arrest and had dispatched journalists to the residence beforehand.