Maldives United Opposition

Permit for MDP rally revoked by Housing

Housing Ministry has revoked the permit issued to MDP to hold the planned rally for Maldives United Opposition (MUO) tonight in Carnival area.

Speaking to press this morning, Housing Minister Dr. Mohamed Muizzu said the permit was issued to MDP alone and had stipulated that only MDP could hold the rally. However, Muizzu said MDP had announced the rally will be held by MUO, which is a violation of the permit.

Dr. Muizzu described this as a deliberate attempt to create chaos in the country, adding that MUO had no legal representation as they were not a registered body and that the Government did not recognize the body. He said a permit granted to MDP cannot be used by MUO.

"The Government will not allow any action that would endanger peace and stability. They had violated the terms of the permit and we have revoked the permit," Muizz said.

MDP had previously said the rally was held to introduce and formally launch the Opposition in the Maldives.

Regarding the Housing Ministry decision, MDP Deputy Chairperson Ali Niyaz said that tonight's rally was organized and carried out by MDP with MUO participating in it. He said the rally was announced like that as well. Noting that Housing Minister was in some confusion over this, he said the rally will go ahead as planned, even if they have to resort to plan B.

"We anticipated that this would happen," Niyaz said.

In the press conference, the Minister reiterated that the Government will not allow any action that will disrupt peace. He said the President attached highest peace to the nation's peace and security, even though the opposition did not.