Will hold rally even without permit

Maldives United Opposition (MUO) has stated that even if Housing Ministry did not issue the permit, they will hold their rally on Friday.

Speaking in a press conference held last night in MDP office, Spokesperson Ahmed Mahloof said that Thursday's cancelled rally will be held on the 21st. He added that the MUO will seek out the required permits and the Government has to allow the rally to happen as the right to assembly is a basic right. Mahloof said the rally will go ahead as planned even if the Ministry did not issue the permit.

"We will first seek to hold the session and will apply for the permit. We will hold the rally on 21st night, whether we have the permit or not," Mahloof said.

The planned rally for Thursday night was cancelled after Housing Ministry revoked the permit issued to MDP. Housing Ministry said the permit was revoked as the Opposition was not a legally recognized or registered body and as such planned activities cannot be held.