MIFCO to create MVR 3.75 mln ice plant in Gemanafushi

MIFCO has signed an agreement worth MVR 3.75 million for the creation of an ice plant in GA. Gemanafushi. The agreement was signed today.

MIFCO Managing Director Adhlee Ismail said the new ice plant was created as the island's fisheries sector was a thriving one. Noting the ice plant will give a much required boost to the sector, Adhlee said the bidding for the construction of the 25 ton building will be opened next week. He said they have already begun placing orders for the required machinery for the plant.

"The Gemanafushi ice plant will benefit the fishermen in the region. The fishermen will be able to preserve their fish better and supply a fresher product to the market. Even though the agreement was signed today, the work is already underway," Adhlee said.

He noted this year's Fishermen's Day is to be marked in Gemanafushi and that the plant will be finished by then. Adhlee also said the plant will be run by MIFCO.

MIFCO had announced that nine ice plants will be created in various parts of the country, with seven plants currently already under construction. Orders have been placed for four plants, while three plants have been brought in.