Azleen Ahmed

Home Minister defends Defamation Bill, calls it a gift for future generations

Home Minister Azleen Ahmed has defended the Defamation Bill, calling it a gift for future generations.

Speaking in TVM's Raajje Miadhu program, Azleen said the bill was not a hindrance to freedom of expression, noting the bill seeks to penalize those individuals making false allegations. Stating the truth and whistle blowing were permitted in the bill, adding that this was a step in the right direction to creating a more civilized society.

"The bill is a blessing for the citizens. It will provide stability for future generations, the Government, opposition and public. We've taken the first step to create a better society. If we take this path, then we can hope to achieve a civilized society, built on morals," Azleen said.

Azleen assured that the Government will enforce the rule of law and will enforce the Defamation Bill as well.