Will defeat all attempted coups: Home Minister

  • Government
  • Security forces undivided
  • Will enforce all necessary measures

Home Minister Azleen Ahmed today described opposition's attempts to overthrow the Government as futile attempts, doomed to failure given that the Government was stronger than ever and the security forces were united.

The Home Minister made the statement in response to the BBC report that said that opposition figures were planning a coup to overthrow the incumbent Government.

Speaking to Avas, the Minister said there were legal avenues to impeach a President, adding that it was unacceptable that opposition figures had refused to abide by the legal avenues in their drive to come to power.

Azleen said a coup was unlikely to take root, given that the Government, security forces were rallying behind the President. He assured that any attempts to uproot this legal Government will be met with a stronger response in defense of the Government, while protecting national interests. The Minister said the Government will look into the BBC report and will enforce all necessary measures.

In a series of tweets posted today, Government representative in the all-party talks, Dr. Mohamed Shainee, defended the Government as well.

BBC report today said opposition figures had planned a coup to oust President Abdullah Yameen from power. Quoting reliable sources, BBC said that moves will be made against the president soon and these will follow legal avenues.

Former President Mohamed Nasheed and his allies, had departed to Sri Lanka. Nasheed and his allies had been in self-imposed exile. RaajjeTV quoting opposition alliance officials last night said they had gone to Sri Lanka for a secret meeting which will be held outside of Colombo.

An opposition figure on the condition of anonymity said the plans were a last resort attempt.

Speculations were rife that opposition figures along with the support of foreign nations had attempted to arrest the President on the 23rd of this month. The Army had been working on high alert following these speculations, strengthening the President's security detail.