MMPRC investigation report under review: ACC

  • Commission members reviewing the report
  • Biggest investigation in Commission history
  • Total of MVR 1.5 billion siphoned off from MMPRC accounts

Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) reveals the Commission is now reviewing the graft of MVR 1.5 billion from MMPRC, adding that this was the last stage of the investigation report.

Speaking to Avas, about the biggest investigation carried out by the Commission so far, Commission's Vice Preisdent Muavviz Rasheed said the report had been compiled and is now under review. He said the report will soon be released.

He said the investigation was a two-phase one. The first phase of the investigation has been completed, with the focus of that phase on the lease of 60 islands and the procedures that went to it. The second phase of the investigation focused on how the siphoned off cash had circulated.

ACC previously said that this was the largest investigation carried out by the Commission in its history. The Commission had interviewed many individuals in connection to the investigation, including Parliament Members. The Commission had questioned President Abdullah Yameen, after obtaining details of a bank account in Maldives Islamic Bank under the President's name.

ACC said there were delays in issuing the report to public, as their investigation into the case was a detailed one that demanded proper research and used Commission resources and man power.

Former Vice President Ahmed Adeeb, his uncle Hamid Ismail and former MD of MMPRC Abdullah Ziyath are persons of interest in the investigation.