"Saddened by baseless rumors, Govt. cannot be overthrown"

Vice President Abdullah today has said that he was saddened by the baseless rumors being spread about him, calling on media to become more responsible.

Speaking in the press conference held by the Social Council today, Jihad was aimed with several questions. One had questioned the Vice President on the allegations that he had met and supplied information to the makers of "Stealing Paradise" on his recent trip to UAE.

"I'm deeply saddened," Jihad said.

Jihad said this was sufficient proof the media reports were untrue, denying that he had not met Al-Jazeera team. He noted that rumors like that were spread with the intention of creating chaos.

"If we believe in Islam, then our media has to run according to Islamic Shariah. Local media have to be as per Islamic Shariah, cannot go against it," Jihad said.

Jihad also questioned on the rights of the media to report on rumors and appealed to all media to become more accountable and responsible in reporting.

Speaking about the opposition's plans to oust the Government to usher in an interim Government, Jihad said the country will not fall into an interim phase. He stressed that a coup will not come to as planned. He added that he was sure that this Government will complete this term and get elected to a second term.

He said he was not aware of any attempts to oust the Government or any reports to be released by Al-Jazeera on the Maldives.