Never asked nor recieved any money from MUO: Maumoon

Former President Maumoon Abdul Gayoom has denied allegations that he had asked for and received any money from any political movement.

Sources for the Al Jazeera's "Stealing Paradise" said Maumoon had told former President Mohamed Nasheed that he will join the opposition for US$ 100,000. The report also alleges that Nasheed had given Maumoon at least US$ 50,000.

President Maumoon took to twitter to address the rumors, stating that "I have never asked for nor received any money to join/support any political movement. Allegations contrary to this are totally false."

Nasheed had also refuted the allegations. However, a few days back Nasheed had claimed that Maumoon was with the Opposition. In a tweet posted, Nasheed said that there were no financial transactions between him and Maumoon, adding that they had only talked of democracy.

The next allegation against Maumoon in the report said that Maumoon and his two sons had taken cash from Adeeb. Additionally the report alleged that MMPRC funds were used to pay PPM employees and on PPM activities on orders of Maumoon. He is yet to make a statement on these allegations.