Victory Day

Minister urges cooperation with govt to maintain peace

The people must cooperate with the elected government to protect the country and maintain peace, defence minister Adam Shareef urged Wednesday.

Speaking at the ceremony held to commemorate the 28th anniversary of the November 3rd attacks on Maldives, the minister said that on days such as 'Victory Day' the Maldivian people must think long and hard on the attacks previously suffered, and must consider all the options on the ways to maintain peace in the country.

Addressing the Military, the Minister said that the soldiers must think deeply about what is happening in the political scene of Maldives, and that they must consider this while taking their oaths into account.

"The Maldivian soldiers have taken an important oath regarding their nation and religion, and they provide a great service for this nation.Their oath states that they will sacrifice their life for their country and religion if they must," the Minister said that the Military must take this oath into consideration more than their personal feelings.

The Minister said that the most important lessons learned after the November 3 attacks is that Maldives has no space for those who would betray their countries for the sake of personal greed.

The Minister said regarding the disputes that occurred when Maldives was still a Sultanate, that the same thing can be seen now with many different people trying to challenge the current leader. He said that these disputes and challenges affected the country adversely in the past and that it will have the same effect today.