Carpentry firm suffers millions in damages in warehouse fire

The MS carpentry, adjacent to the warehouse which caught fire last week has suffered millions in damages after the flames spread to the

A brand new 10 storey residential building had also suffered major fire damage after the flames from the warehouse Kafidhooge in Machchangoalhi ward spread to adjacent buildings.

MS Carpentry official Afzal Shakir estimates the damages to be in the region of between MVR15-18 million.

"Its almost completely burned down. The building has 99 percent fire damage," Shakir told Avas.

The three storey building housed an accommodation block, workshop, store room and an office.

"The store room contained a large quantity of equipment, carpentry and construction tools. The office and the accommodation block also completely burned down in the fire," he explained.

The renowned carpentry has undertaken several construction and woodwork projects from the government.

The company recognized with a national award for 38 years in the industry has also lost important documents, licenses and registrations.

MS Carpentry said the building had not been insured.