Chief justice lauds 'modern' Maldives judiciary

In an effort to boost the capacity of Maldives' judiciary, the archipelago has succeeded in establishing a 'contemporary' system, chief justice Abdulla Saeed said Monday.

Speaking during a a colloquium named 'Doing Business in Maldives - A Judicial Perspective' the chief justice said during the past three years, the judicial system has witnessed a major overhaul to meet the demands of increasing trade and financial transactions in the Maldives.

The efforts have led to a modern day system that enables swift justice, Judge Saeed noted.

The chief justice singled out the dispute resolution introduced to the civil court which has seen 48 percent of the cases resolved without trial.

"One of the key indicators in the World Bank's Quality of Justice Process Index is the level and success of an alternative dispute resolution system in a country's judiciary," Saeed said.

The country is nearing the completion of an automated case management system which according to the chief justice is the second top World Bank indicator.

Explaining the project, Judge Saeed said an area network would connect over a 100 magistrate courts with the judicial administration department via an integrated communications network.

Despite continous allegations of government influence in the judiciary, the chief justice praised government efforts to strengthen the judiciary, highlighting the establishment of the judicial academy as a major step towards judicial reform.