Maldives to launch official tourism app at New Year show

The official mobile application for Maldivian tourism, 'Feel Destination Mobile App' is set to launch at the show held on New Year night.

An official of Feel Investment said the new application would offer more information about the Maldives than any other application currently available.

"This application will contain all the information about Maldivian tourism. This will include information on resorts, safaris along with guesthouses," the official said.

Feel Investment is also the company behind the official Maldivian magazine, Maldives Accommodation Guide.

Feel Investment has opened up the chance to advertise on this application, and requested interested parties to contact them via telephone or email.

Feel Investment also revealed plans to promote the new application at international fairs and TV channels.

"Our aim is to raise the user count of the Feel mobile app to 1.5 million users," Feel Investment said.

The app will also be able to conduct bookings up until June next year.

The Maldives Accommodation Guide, has been released in 30 fairs worldwide in 10 different languages.

The 'Sunny Sight Show' celebrating the New Year will be held on Sunday at the Carnival, and will be organised by PSM.