Maldives hopes for more Chinese investments

Maldives is hoping for more Chinese investments this year as the two countries celebrate 45 years since establishing diplomatic relations, foreign minister Dr Mohamed Asim said Tuesday.

Speaking during the reception held at the Chinese embassy in the capital Male to celebrate the Chinese Spring Festival, the minister noted the exchange of high level state visits had enhanced China-Maldives relations to an unprecedented high.

"There is no doubt that the relations between our two countries have never been stronger. President Yameen has visited China twice in the last three years and we have had the honour to welcome President Xi Jinping to our shores in 2014. President Xi’s visit was indeed a very special and a historic as it was the first visit of a Chinese Head of State to the Maldives," Asim said.

"The exchange of such high level visits and interactions between the two countries plays an important role in enhancing our relations in recent years."

The minister also said the people to people contact and commercial links have significantly improved highlighting the Chinese assistance to mega development projects in the archipelago including the landmark over-water bridge and the airport expansion effort.

"Last year, the Maldives welcomed a total over 310,000 tourists from China. The Maldives is now the favourite tourist destinations for Chinese travellers," the minister noted.

"The Maldives also welcomed a number of investments from China last year, and expects more investments this year."