Maandhoo Fisheries awarded Fair Trade Certificate

Horizon Fisheries' Maandhoo Fisheries Complex has been awarded the Fair Trade Certificate for its canned fish.

Fair Trade Certificate is awarded when three percent of profits gained by selling the product goes to the producer themselves. This is the first time in the world that a product of fisheries has gained both the Fair Trade Certificate and the Marine Stewardship Council Certificate.

Fisheries minister, Dr Mohamed Shainee, held a News Conference in celebration of the accomplishment. The managing director of Horizon Fisheries, Adnan Ali, announced that Maandhoo Fisheries Complex will always follow the government's policies as to giving a greater percentage of the profit to the fishermen, being reason for the attainment of Fair Trade Certificate.

"The benefit of having fair trade certified exports is that in addition to the payments made by the company, the fishermen will also be paid 3% by the customers which directly go into their bank accounts. " Ali explained.

He also stated that three islands from Laamu Atoll including Gan, Hithadhoo and Kunahandhu island, has joined the Fair Trade Certificate scheme. However, he is still working to get more islands involved in the scheme and hopes to work with the fishermen of Gaaf Dhaal and Gaaf Alif Atolls in the future. Moreover, Ali said that the process has been hindered by the extensive administrative work involved.

The fisheries minister urged local fishermen to push fisheries companies to take part in the scheme and become Fair Trade certified.

Fair Trade Certificate was established to narrow the gap between the producers, wholesalers and retailers. It is awarded by the Fair Trade Organisation based on the protection of rights of the employees and a work environment that fits its standards.

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