Don't judge all cops by actions of a few, insists minister

Home minister Azleen Ahmed on Monday urged the public not to judge all police officers by actions of a few.

An event was held at Iskandhar Koshi on Monday evening to mark the closing of the four courses conducted by the police at which the Home Minister said officers were facing significant challenges in serving the public.

Despite working hard to protect and serve through such challenges, the public continues to criticize all police officers based on the actions of a few. According to the minister, it was unacceptable to to disrespect the police service as even they, as humans, are liable to make mistakes.

Minister stated that the police uniform holds integrity and that the trust put into them should not be questioned over matters of a single police officer. He also urged the people to remember the continuous efforts by some to undermine the reputation of the police.

The minister's comments comes after two officers were recently fired over a leak of explicit photos sparking controversy as the police became a target for insults on social networking sites.

Azleen labeled the harassment of police officers working round the clock for the protection of the public as "unacceptable".

Minister also said that the loyalty, patience and dedication that the police have towards their duty remains admirable which should be respected and appreciated.

He urged the public to stop spreading hate and prejudice and give the police the much deserved respect.