Depression and the modern society

A taboo term. A stigma. This is how our society clichés depression. The devaluation of feelings as weakness is the bitterness which makes the depressed reach a point of self-reproach.

In our materialistic culture, not only are we preoccupying ourselves with “money, fame and status” but also lacking the living wisdom to guide today’s society. In societies such as ours, where the motivating ideal of “making it” through social status and success is what defines a person, failing can contribute to our malaise. In other words, depression is inevitable if we cannot reach the gold at the end of the rainbow.

While the society has namely “achieved” cognitive development, it’s a real shame that we are more disconnected with each other. The freedom of showing real empathy and talking about feelings has not kept pace. Therefore, without intent, our narratives of depression are shaped into tales of supressing emotions, seeking for attention and incapability of dealing with the fast paced world.

Depression is not a beautiful tragedy. It is a deteriorating affliction. To end the epidemic of depression, it is crucial to reach a state of serene coexistence with the illness. Impacts of depression must not be overlooked. We, as the society, must forge a scrupulous culture and let go of the nostalgia for every individual to be a spitting image. The time has come for us to coalesce our psychological therapies and optimise the mental health of each and every individual.

An open letter to fellow victims; By Luth Ismail Shafeeq

“Mental illnesses are real. Depression, anxiety, the list could go on. In a society where mental illnesses are considered a myth, victims of these illnesses get shunned. It’s high time that the society changed its outlook on these mental illnesses. Instead of focusing their energy on mocking people, everyone should be working together to give them the care they very much need.

Depression isn’t easy. There are days when you just don’t want to fight anymore. There are times when you wish you weren’t here. Times that you feel like you aren’t important to anyone anymore. It hurts every day. Being a victim myself, I can sympathize with others. But it is also through hardships such as this, that you come to know the important people in your life. The friends that stick along through all the storms. Your family who cares about you every day. You might feel like a mess, but they still love you all the same. They are the people worth keeping. And when you manage to find someone who loves you and cares despite how bad you feel about yourself, despite all your flaws, maybe you too might end up feeling that every day is worth living. That there is still so much more to life that you want to see and experience together with them. Fill yourselves up with love. To those who stay, and those who are so caring and loving, thank you so much. Your support makes our lives so much better.

To fellow victims of mental illnesses. Don’t be scared to embrace it. Your condition does not make you any bit less human. We’re all the same. Fight. Don’t give up even when you feel lost. Keep on going. Let’s make it through this together and smile when we make it through. Don’t let society cage us. We’re free, and we’re going to fly.”