Ex-VP to lift lid on gun found in Nazim's home

Jailed former vice president Ahmed Adheeb Abdul Ghafoor has sent a letter to the country's top court expressing his wish to reveal the truth behind the hand gun found former defence minister Mohamed Nazim's residence.

Nazim was sentenced to 11 years in prison after he was convicted of weapons possession after police found a hand gun in his residence. However, neither his DNA nor fingerprints was found on the weapon.

The Supreme Court however, upheld the verdict of the High Court despite DNA recovered from the pistol that matched Adheeb's DNA profile, who is currently serving 33 years for multiple accounts of terrorism and graft.

Nazim has argued that since his DNA was not found on the gun, there was enough room to cast doubt over his conviction continuing to claim that he was framed.

Both Nazim and Adheeb's lawyers have remained tight-lipped over the new development, but Avas understands that the letter was sent to the Supreme Court on June 22.

In the letter, Adheeb had reportedly claimed that he was aware of the "truth" behind the gun and was to reveal the perpetrators who orchestrated the whole affair.

Supreme Court is also yet to officially comment on Adheeb's letter.