Parliament yet to table speaker censure motion

The parliament, on Monday, stated that the opposition led censure motion to unseat parliament speaker Abdulla Maseeh has not been tabled on the agenda. The motion was filed by the opposition on May 3 with the signatures of 45 lawmakers.

Parliament had earlier sent the notice of the censure motion to remove speaker Maseeh to all lawmakers.

According to parliament rules of procedure, the secretariat is required to send a 10 day notice to lawmakers after a no-confidence motion is filed against the speaker and the deputy.

After the now opposition coalition in March had filed a second motion to unseat speaker Abdulla Maseeh, the government had engineered an amendment to the parliament rules of procedure raising the number of lawmaker signatures required to file a censure motion against the speaker and his deputy from 15 to 42.

The opposition had filed the third censure motion against Maseeh with 45 lawmakers which included ten lawmakers from the ruling party.

Ten of ruling party lawmakers had expressed their wish to leave the party after they backed an opposition led move to unseat the parliament speaker.

Ruling Progressive Party of Maldives (PPM), however, denied the lawmakers from leaving the party.