Gayoom's MP son seeks disciplinary action against top court bench

Deposed ruling party leader and former president Maumoon Abdul Gayoom's lawmaker son Faris Maumoon on Tuesday filed a disciplinary case against the five judge bench of the country's Supreme Court.

The Dhiggaru MP who has been remanded until his sentence since July last year over bribery charges has filed the case against the top court bench at the judicial watchdog.

Faris has accused the Supreme Court of failing to enact regulations under the recently adopted criminal procedure code.

According to the landmark criminal procedure code adopted last July, the Supreme Court must enact the regulations under the Act within three months of it coming into effect.

The landmark law includes all procedures to be carried out in criminal cases before and during trial.

The Act stipulates law enforcement institutions to draw up regulations on investigations while the Supreme Court is mandated to determine regulations on trials. According to the Act, the regulations must be finalized within three months of the Act coming into effect.