Murder case of slain blogger Yameen cancels

The hearing tabled for Monday regarding the murder case of slain blogger Yameen Rasheed has been cancelled.

Initially the hearing was scheduled for 15:00hrs on Monday, January 8.

While Criminal Court has confirmed the hearing on Monday has been cancelled the court had not specified the reasons for cancellation.

The case is still at its earliest stage with the initial hearing under the newly implemented Criminal Procedure Act underway. The initial phase of the case is proceeding in discretion.

The suspects of the case are tried for the crime of using sharp implements to commit first degree murder.

State has pressed charges against six individuals who are identified as; Ismail Haisham Rasheed, Hussain Ziyad, Ismail Rasheed, Hassan Shifaz, Mohamed Dhifraan and Ahmed Zihan Ismail.

Rasheed who was infamous for his satirical blog 'The Daily Panic' was believed to have fallen under heavy government and extremist scrutiny over the sensitive political and social subjects he touched in his weekly updated site.

The slain blogger is among the well recognized faces of Maldivian activism against several social issues while he had also been one of the most notable voices to call out for the justice of his missing friend, Minivan News journalist Ahmed Rilwan.

Rasheed who held a designation at Maldives Stock Exchange was found brutally murdered with multiple stab wounds at the stairwell of his apartment building. He was discovered on early hours of April 23, 2017.