Raajje TV resumes broadcast

Opposition aligned Raajje TV resumed regular broadcast on Sunday, after 56 hours since going off air citing a threat to the safety of its staff and the station.

The channel on Thursday night was broadcasting live event of the opposition rally before suspending the airing.

"RaajjeTV informs our viewers that we have suspended regular, broadcast due to attacks on free and independent media continued threats to RaajjeTV and its staff, following the Police's decision to slash security to the station and the warning issued by MNDF to media sources over closure of any media stations without any warning," read the aired message on the channel.

Earlier on Thursday night Maldives military issued a statement claiming media outlets were responsible for spreading news and content threatening national security. Military had furthermore added that some local outlets were responsible of inciting hatred and fear through live broadcast events which would be taken action against by authorities and military reserves the right to shutdown media found responsible of such without prior warning.

Meanwhile Maldives Broadcasting Commission echoed the same warning.

The TV station resumed broadcast due to requests by its viewers.