Maldives Opposition refuse parliament vote for emergency extension

Members of the Maldives United Opposition has refused to accept Tuesday's parliament approval to extend the ongoing state of emergency by additional 30 days.

Parliament Speaker called for vote on the request presented by incumbent president Abdulla Yameen Abdul Gayoom to extend the state of emergency reaching a total of 45 days, which was voted in favor by 38 pro-government members.

Speaking moments after the parliament proceeded in approving emergency extension, Jumhooree Party deputy leader Abdulla Riyaz urged the citizens from accepting the extension and called out to authorities to defy parliament decision calling it unconstitutional.

Maldives has been thrown into new political woes after the Supreme Court order to release nine political dissidents including former president Mohamed Nasheed was defied by the government.

After continued debacle from the president to convince top-court to rescind its order, Abdulla Yameen declared a 15-day state of emergency on February 5, stretching to 15 days days. President had temporarily suspended more than 20 constitutional rights and several judicature rights including Criminal Procedure Act.

In doing so, president Yameen had also squashed the possibility parliament or Supreme Court moving towards his impeachment as well.

Earlier on Monday a special parliament sitting was called out requiring presence of all lawmakers, which had initially included the reinstated dozen MPs as well - although their presence was hindered by Attorney General's command to 'pause' the reinstatement of these members.

President had requested for the extension of the ongoing 15-day state or emergency which was not approved since the constitutionally mandated minimum vote requirement fell short since government had mustered on 38 votes in favor.

Opposition had boycotted the special sitting on Monday while they had refrained from joining in Tuesday's sitting as well.