LAM concerned over emergency affect on local tourism

Liveaboard Association of Maldives (LAM) has expressed deep concern over local tourism massively affected due to the now extended state of emergency.

In a press statement the association noted the ongoing state of emergency has directly affected local tourism, resulting in significant tourist booking cancellations which in turn has resulted in serious loss of income to several ventures.

The critical condition of the state of Maldives is actively discussed in international media, according to LAM's statement. The association added several countries had released travel advisories cautioning their respective citizens from traveling to Maldives - which had recently contributed to the cancellation of a chartered flight to Maldives carrying tourists for summer holidays.

The intensified political unrest and the government declared state of emergency has resulted in inversely effecting the local tourism.

Local guesthouses report booking cancellations in significant numbers while several tour operators and travel agencies have been struggling to maintain their bookings as cancellations have been mounting.

China, one of the prime tourist market to Maldives, with more than 100,000 holidaymakers from the country visiting Maldives throughout every year has slowed down in their guest visits ever since the emergency was declared. The country had earlier issued a travel advisory to its citizens recommending against traveling to the island nation.