India accused of Maldives govt topple scheming

A prominent figure of the Maldives embassy at Malaysia had accused India of scheming to topple the current government of the island nation.

Abbas Adil Riza, who is employed at the Maldives mission at Malaysia said that India was at the 'root' of staging a coup attempt to topple the current government in order to replace incumbent president Yameen Abdul Gayoom with his nephew Ahmed Faris Maumoon - the Dhiggaru constituency lawmaker.

Riza suspects that the Indian state had financed Maldives business tycoon Qasim Ibrahim for the coup attempt, adding the Jumhooree Party leader 'gifted' top-court judges with abodes as bribery.

Riza who had been the former Spokesperson to Dr. Mohamed Waheed Hassan had accused India at a time diplomatic tension between the two nation has risen to an all high.

He was earlier reassigned to a different posting following his harsh criticism towards India and its Ambassador when he was employed as the president's spokesperson.

India has continued its reiteration on urging Maldives government to implement the Supreme Court order issued on February 1 to release nine political prisoners including former president Mohamed Nasheed.

Furthermore New Delhi had warned Maldives not to intensify the critical situation in the country by further defying the constitution and rule of law.

Government alleges the February 1 order was a direct attempt to overthrow a constitutional state and had jailed former president Maumoon Abdul Gayoom along with Chief Justice Abdulla Saeed, top-court judge Ali Hameed and Gayoom's lawmaker son Ahmed Faris Maumoon on similar charges.

Additionally Siyad Qasim, the eldest son of business tycoon and JP leader Qasim Ibrahim has been apprehended on charges of financing the coup attempt while lawmakers Abdulla Sinan and Ilham Ahmed have been locked up on similar charges.