Attempts of govt topple will be intervened; Maldives Police

Maldives Police Service on Wednesday has challenged the opposition's scheduled rally on Friday claiming the authorities will intervene its proceedings.

Police Media official Ahmed Shifan on Wednesday stressed the opposition's planned protests on Friday, March 16 is in direct violation of constitutional rights granted to citizens and added their motive is to overthrow a constitutional government.

Strongly commenting that the security forces will actively intervene any attempts made by opposition to topple the government and foil such plans.

He also noted that illegitimate gatherings or demonstrations will not be entertained by authorities under state of emergencies or in usual scenarios as well.

Shifan said those clandestinely funding such protests will be brought in front of the legal framework to hold them accountable for their offenses.

"We are already processing several individuals who have been apprehended because of their involvement to topple a constitutional government, the investigation is still ongoing and we would like to highlight it here," Shifan said.

During an interview with AVAS, ruling Progressive Party of Maldives (PPM) secretary general Dr Abdulla Khaleel alleged that the opposition was plotting to overthrow the government highlighting that the several attempts to impeach the president and the "judicial coup" has also been foiled.

"We have seen that the opposition is behind every attempt to overthrow the government. We now know the people behind all this from what the police had shared with the public," Khaleel said.

Even Fisheries Ministry had released a public statement the authority will suspend vessel licenses that were found carrying passengers heading to capital to take part the Friday protests.