Court orders 15-day remand on arrested MPs

The remand for two of the arrested lawmakers under ongoing state of emergency has been extended by 15 days.

The lawmakers are south-Machhangolhi MP Abdulla Sinan and Dhan'gethi MP Ilham Ahmed who are tried with the charge of attempting to overthrow government.

Both lawmakers made appearance at court without their representing lawyers while MP Ilham Ahmed's brother Adam Zaleef also received a remand extension of 15 days.

Since their recent arbitrary detention their lawyers claim the two MPs were not questioned by authorities regarding the probe on their involvement in the alleged attempt to overthrow current regime - which Maldives police claims is underway.

The two lawmakers had fled the country shortly after the no-confidence motion against parliament Speaker Abdullah Maseeh went south, with several pro-government MPs defecting to the opposition who were then deposed according to the country's electoral watchdog.

After spending months in exile the two lawmakers flew to Maldives where they were arrested immediately upon arrival. However they were released a day later by Criminal Court.

But the local government later issued manhunt on both MPs on the charges of attempting to topple the government. While MP Sinan voluntarily turned himself over to the authorities almost immediately after the manhunt was issued, his colleague Ilham turned himself in three days later.