Cases of 36 'emergency detainees' to NIC

The cases of 36 individuals arrested during the presidential decreed 45-day state of emergency has been filed to National Integrity Commission (NIC).

The prime opposition Maldives Democratic Party (MDP) released a statement on Monday stating that several of the individuals who were detained reported misconduct and aggressive behavior from authorities.

More than 300 demonstrators from several opposition led protests were arrested under the state of emergency. However many of them have been released after temporary custodial by Maldives Police Service.

The opposition party claims they have initiated an attempt to officially hold the authorities responsible for their alleged misconduct against the detainees. The party has forwarded the cases of mentioned 36 individuals to the integrity commission in hopes of taking necessary action against authorities.

Furthermore MDP assured they will be presenting cases against individual officers of police and authorities over the misuse of power in breaking protestor ranks, unlawful accessing into party premises and residences of its supporters as well as for their explicit and aggressive behavior towards opposition members and supporters.