Thirty-two people arrested during emergency still in detention

Renowned Maldives advocate Hisan Hussain has on Wednesday claimed that a total of 32 individuals "arrested since the declaration of state of emergency are still in detention."

In a tweet made on Wednesday, the advocate said that while authorities had released several of the demonstrators arrested during opposition led protests, adding that she was "glad to see many detained free", she had urged government to release the remaining detainees as well.

More than 150 supporters and activists were arrested from several demonstrations that were organized by the joint-party opposition.

Since the presidential declaration of a state of emergency on February 5 the opposition picked up its pace and strength in taking their concerns to the streets. The emergency proclamation was president Abdulla Yameen's last ditch effort to stop Supreme Court's order on February 1 citing release of nine political prisoners including former president Mohamed Nasheed.

Immediately after the declaration, government had purged the apex court premises and arrested both chief justice Abdulla Saeed and top-court judge Ali Hameed on charges of attempting to overthrow the government.

Both Saeed and Hameed are in police custody awaiting their trials while former president Maumoon Abdul Gayoom was arrested shortly after the emergency declaration as well. The former head of state is charged with attempting to overthrow the government along with several other allegations.

Since then the government had arrested former police commissioner Ahmed Areef, judicial administrator Hassan Saeed and three lawmakers who defected to opposition; Abdulla Sinan, Ilham Ahmed and Ahmed Faris Maumoon.

Meanwhile former police commissioner and current deputy leader of Jumhoory Party Abdulla Riyaz was arrested during an opposition protest. He is charged with influencing government conduct.

Maldives business tycoon and JP leader Gasim Ibrahim's son Ibrahim Siyad Gasim was arrested during the state of emergency as well, he is awaiting trial for the state alleged charges of bribing lawmakers.