Chief Justice, top-court judge case continues behind closed doors

The court has once again decided to proceed with the trials of both Chief Justice Abdulla Saeed and Supreme Court judge Ali Hameed discreetly on Sunday.

Criminal Court has not specified the reasons much like before of why the trials of both chief justice and top-court judge is being proceeded under a tight-lipped manner.

Both are being prosecuted for the alleged coercion and misuse of authority to impede legal conduct by a government authority.

Though the aforementioned trial is set to proceed 'behind closed doors' the individual charge of attempt to intervene authority conduct on chief justice is scheduled to proceed openly.

Both chief justice and top-court judge as well as former president of Maldives Maumoon Abdul Gayoom were arrested by local authorities moments after presidential proclamation of a state of emergency on February 5, president Yameen's last ditch effort to avert the top-court order on February 1 to release nine political prisoners which includes former president Mohamed Nasheed as well.

The trio are currently in remand until the conclusion of their respective trials; since the local Criminal Court has deemed the possibility of the individual's possessing means to interrupt police investigation or legal procedures into their cases.