Floor-crossing comes to 'official' cessation; says MP Nihan

The parliamentary group leader of ruling Progressive Party of Maldives (PPM) and Vilimale' MP Ahmed Nihan Hussain Manik has claimed the party floor-crossing of lawmakers has come to an 'official' end.

After the Supreme Court of Maldives had upheld the anti-defection law passed by local parliament earlier this year, lawmakers will no longer hold their constituencies after they switch from the political party they had been elected from.

The parliamentary group leader of PPM shared his opinion on Facebook as he said the 'disgusting act' of lawmaker 'transferring' from one political party to another for monetary gains; which he coined as the 'lawmaker transfer market', has come to an end.

The prominent lawmaker had also said with the bolstering of anti-defection law with top-court's final 'seal of approval' the public can ensure lawmakers would not defy or disappoint them by switching allegiance for political gains.

Though ruling party leadership claims the anti-defection law was in fact proposed to lock-down parliament floor-crossing to ensure lawmaker-integrity, the contentious vote to approve the bill despite the constitutionally mandated quorum falling short places doubts about the actual motive.

Many believe the move was a strategical ploy to gain parliament majority as 12 lawmakers originally from the ruling party had defected to the opposition after the 'loud' fallout during the no-confidence motion against parliament Speaker Abdullah Maseeh.

However the Maldives United Opposition - the opposition party coalition - do not accept the new anti-defection law and states the dozen lawmakers have not been evicted of their seats.

The opposition parties reason this stating the defecting lawmakers had taken the decision before the court-mandated law effective date of July 13. The now deposed lawmakers had presented their letters of reverting membership from PPM to the electoral watchdog days before the said date, according to opposition.