Yellow alert issued to three atolls

Maldives Meteorological Center has issued yellow alert on parts of the island nation over extreme weather conditions.

MET office had issued yellow alerts on Laamu, Dhaal and Thaa atolls; three of the central atolls over thunder and heavy rainfall.

According to the meteorological center central and northern atolls of Maldives can expect heavy rain with thunder while the wind is estimated to pick up speed between 6 to 12 miles per hour. Meanwhile several parts of Maldives is expected to experience wind picking speeds between 7 to 17 miles per hour and gust may reach by 40 miles per hour.

While three atolls have been issued yellow alert, Maldives is experiencing rainy season currently with heavy rainfall to several parts of the country. Some of the islands had sustained damages to its households over flooding due to heavy rainfall.