Coup plot tied lawmaker's hearing on Tue afternoon

Prominent member of the local parliament who was deposed after party-switch, tied to the alleged coup plot against the incumbent state is expected to be summoned at Criminal Court on Tuesday afternoon.

The south-Machchangolhi MP Abdulla Sinan is tried by the state for terrorism due his alleged involvement in accepting bribe during no-confidence vote against parliament speaker Abdulla Maseeh. He is also tried for the alleged involvement in attempting to usurp the regime which escalated with the apex court order on February 1.

Sinan is expected to arrive at Criminal Court for his trial hearing at 13:00hrs on Tuesday afternoon.

Prosecution has presented a total of 32 evidences against the lawmaker due to his refusal to the allegations. From the 32 evidences presented by the state 16 of them were under confidentiality.

Recently several of the witness testimonials kept confidential by authorities to use against many of the state tried persons have leaked on social media platforms; this had included some of the confidential testimonial set to be used during Sinan's trial.

The lawmaker has been kept under authority remand until the conclusion of his trial.