Former Islamic Minister passes away

The former Islamic Minister and locally renowned religious scholar Dr. Abdul Majeed Abdul Baaree passed away on Tuesday afternoon.

The religious scholar's close companions who were present beside him have confirmed his demise to local media.

Dr. Abdul Baaree was admitted at hospital immediately after he got hit with a stroke last Friday. Due to his worsening condition he was treated with the aid and assistance of special medical equipment and machinery.

The famed religious cleric is the first Maldivian to achieve a Philosophy of Doctorate (PhD) in Quranic Thafseer.

Apart from filling the responsibility of a former Islamic Minister he had also held tenure at the Holy Quran Center as its president as well as top designation of the High Council on Islamic Affairs.

While Dr. Abdul Baaree is notable for his contributions in religious knowledge and education he is also credited with founding the first religiously conservative political party; Adaalath Party. He was also a well known political leader as well.