Parts of Maldives to experience high tidal waves

Parts of the Indian Ocean archipelago is expected to experience high tidal waves breaking at the shores.

The Maldives Meteorological Center (MET Office) has claimed several islands will experience strong tidal waves breaking at their shores during high tides, with the highest tide time expected at 18:39hrs on Wednesday evening for northern atolls.

Similarly central parts of Maldives will experience high tidal waves around 19:53hrs while the southern atolls will have large waves breaking at parts of their islands' shores around 21:20hrs on Wednesday evening.

The national meteorological center had also affirmed the weather is expected to worsen in the next 24 hours with heavy rainfall expected to larger parts of Maldives. Wind speed is estimated to pick up between 13 to 23 miles per hour from south-southeast bound for central atolls.

Other parts of the country will experience wind speed picking up between 5 to 15 miles per hour. Moreover MET Office has indicated rough seas for central atolls while the seas are expected to relatively calmer everywhere else.

MET Office had issued an advisory to sea-vessel operators to keep vigil during transport and take caution accordingly.