JP leader's 'ambiguous' stance over alliance with Pres Yameen

The famed business tycoon and prominent political party Jumhooree Party (JP) founder Gasim Ibrahim has commented that he was not willing affirm whether he would support or stand against incumbent president Abdulla Yameen Abdul Gayoom.

While addressing the party members and public through a press conference on Saturday night held at Germany; where the leader is currently residing, Gasim Ibrahim his party encourages dialogue and discussion adding the possibility of JP working alongside president Yameen should the head of state 'amend' political situations in the island nation.

"Mr. President I advice you not to abuse the law, injustice will not prevail and I urge you to provide equal opportunities to everyone according to the Constitution. You [president Yameen] cannot ascertain whether I will stand against or stand with you, I will not comment on it. But these are the political reform works that I am doing," the JP leader said.

Gasim Ibrahim had urged from the Maldives president to seek a quick 'remedy' to the disputed political conditions involving opposition parties and its leaderships. The political leader stressed on concluding the unresolved court cases and provide proper justice to the subjected individuals.

The JP leader had stressed his party highly regarded room for dialogue and discussion; adding he was willing to consider the option of working together with incumbent president and his political party.

While placing his frustration into words, the outspoken Maamigili constituency lawmaker and JP leader had strongly lambasted president Yameen for imprisoning opposing political leaders.

According to Gasim Ibrahim, president Yameen was removing eligible presidential candidates who may have run against him in the upcoming election.

Gasim had criticized president Yameen over the latter's treatment towards his elder half-brother former president Maumoon Abdul Gayoom as well as his own son Siyad Gasim, who was jailed on trumped up charges according to the political leader.

By the end of his speech the political leader had urged local authorities to work together in the best interest of the country - which could be an indirect urging to dethrone the head of state.

The JP leader had assured whichever side he chooses to pledge allegiance in the presidential election will win by a landslide of 70 percent.