February 1 order warrants no pardons; Pres Yameen

President of Maldives Abdulla Yameen Abdul Gayoom claimed the Supreme Court order ordeal on February 1, 2018 does not warrant pardoning on those who are involved.

The island nation's head of state had remarked the whole event; a planned plot for more serious 'endgame' was masterminded by political entities who had used court judges and commissioner of police for personal gain.

Suggesting their involvement in the ordeal was an act treason against the state president Yameen while addressing newly joined Progressive Party of Maldives (PPM) members, said those involved in the top-court order and associating plot will not be pardoned as a civically.

President Abdulla Yameen asserted politicians who attempt to usurp constitutionally functioning governments cannot be entrusted with running a nation or even expected of working towards the society's betterment.

Acknowledging his disappointment on the then police commissioner's involvement in the plot, president Abdulla Yameen noted he cannot pardon such acts of treason.

Strongly criticizing the opposition, the incumbent president noted he had not prohibited any self-exiled politician from fleeing the nation however hinted anyone indicted of a criminal offense and found guilty of it must complete their sentences accordingly.

Finally to conclude his speech to the new PPM members, president Yameen noted the welfare and preservation of a country eventually rests on the hands of the public; adding the citizens of a country was the only constant about it with regards to it protection.