Chief govt. lawmaker's heated exchange with 12 deposed MPs

Chief government lawmaker Ahmed Nihan Hussain Manik has shot warnings at the dozen deposed lawmakers as the their case currently hangs at apex-court.

Vili-Male' MP and the parliamentary group leader of ruling Progressive Party of Maldives (PPM) got into a heated exchange of words on Twitter Wednesday night.

The prominent lawmaker has severely lambasted neighboring India after he was sent back to home country post being detained at Chennai for hours without entry. According to Nihan this was a clear act of 'bullying' by the neighboring country who still 'reserved bitterness over GMR row.'

Nihan who took to Twitter to pillory the South Asian giant was met with strong criticism by key opposition members who currently have been slapped with travel bans by Maldives government.

Former ally turned bitter rival Mohamed Ameeth was among the harshest commenters at Nihan's unhappiness towards India.

Ameeth's remarks on the usually well versed PPM lawmaker suggested Nihan got a 'taste of their own medicine' implying about several opposition members stripped from their right to fly.

Another lawmaker pointed out opposition lawmaker Faisal Naseem currently is unable to fly abroad for his child's medical care due to the imposed travel ban when the Vili-Male' MP argued he was declined of getting medical care from India.

Meanwhile Vilingili constituency lawmaker Saud Hussain recalled the incident of dismissing several council members of the island after they had met with Indian Ambassador to Maldives Akilendra Mishra back when he visited.

Several other lawmakers who according to Maldives electoral watchdog have been officially deposed had lambasted the government lawmaker. Many had viewed India's refusal to allow MP Nihan entry to the country as a strong message from the international community's stance towards Maldives regime.

The fast-mouthed government MP shot back with equally strong comebacks pressing it was not his fault the now opposition aligned lawmakers got deposed from their seats for initiating an unconstitutional uprising.

According to MP Nihan the members who 'sold' their loyalty and floor-crossed will not get their seats back during the regime or in future.

Back in February 1 when Maldives Supreme Court issued order annulling the anti-defection law all five judges of the bench coincided the 12 lawmakers were not 'dethroned' from their constitutional seats.

The apex court order had since had many of its clauses redacted or rescinded. But the clause that speaks of members losing their seats have not been amended or rescinded so far.

Attorney General had requested from the apex court to revoke the said clause of the February 1 order, thus placing the floor-crossing case at a halt until the order was fully revoked.