MDP activists flak JP leader for lambasting Nasheed, party stance

Prime opposition Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) activists have voiced their criticism directed at Jumhooree Party leader Gasim Ibrahim for his Saturday statement.

Gasim Ibrahim, who is also the founder of Villa Group had criticized the major opposition party's political ideology and lambasted its leader former president Mohamed Nasheed.

Gasim had alleged the former head of state was choosing his own ambition over the public welfare.

Recently several rumors have surfaced strongly indicating both parties were at a stalemate regarding the multi-party backed single candidate; since both MDP and JP had their individual plans of pushing a candidate of their own to the presidential election.

While Umar Naseer, the former Home Minister who signed up to Jumhooree Party not so long ago had announced he will be contesting as an independent candidate in the upcoming election.

Nasheed had also initiated a slightly unconventional campaign, dubbing himself as the 'Island President' and addressing the country's citizens through Skype calls and messages.

Though he was convicted of the offense of terrorism; for kidnapping a sitting judge of a local court, of which he was sentenced 13 years of serve-time the former country leader is confident he will get to include his name on the ballot.

Suggesting the Maldives state would eventually give in to international pressure, Nasheed will receive the opportunity to contest in the final minutes he had been assuring the public of beating incumbent president Abdulla Yameen Abdul Gayoom.

Gasim Ibrahim suggested to realize the situation's practical outcomes and understand both himself as well as the former president were carrying convictions rendering them ineligible for the election. The JP leader recommended to seek alternative in candidates who were eligible constitutionally.

Following the JP leader's statement directed to MDP and its leader Nasheed, criticizing the ex-president for disregarding the public's welfare; activists of the prime opposition party have gone on social media platforms to voice their disregard.

Many MDP aligned activists have branded Gasim Ibrahim as a 'traitor' or 'rebel' once again. The angry outpouring directed at the JP leader had mainly involved in strong assertions by activists, stating Gasim Ibrahim had no right to suggest MDP's plan of action.

The recent statement from JP leader strongly suggests Gasim Ibrahim was not willing to entertain the possibility of Mohamed Nasheed contesting as a presidential candidate, but rather the former president ran for a vice-president spot.

Gasim had also urged from Nasheed to respect the multi-party coalition's decision for nominating a single candidate and claimed it as best course of action to contest against incumbent president Abdulla Yameen.

Nasheed had since responded, confirming he will not intervene to the single candidate talks; indicating support for the move.