'I'm on medical leave,' 'fugitive' JP leader Gasim tells police

Self-exiled opposition Jumhoory Party (JP) leader Gasim Ibrahim on Sunday denied that he was a fugitive over a police summon claiming instead to still be on medical leave.

The business tycoon who now lives in self imposed exile in Germany after he was convicted of bribery and sentenced to over three years in prison in August last year.

Gasim was granted medical leave to travel to Singapore where he had undergone a minor heart surgery in September before travelling to Germany.

Despite his leave expiring in late September, the former lawmaker had not returned initially claiming that no airline would allow him on board an air craft due to his ailing condition.

Police on Tuesday delivered the summon to Gasim via Twitter asking him to be present for questioning on Monday at 2pm. A recent amendment to the regulation allows police to deliver summons on social media platforms.

However, Gasim responded on Twitter insisting that he was not a fugitive as he had been allowed to leave for medical treatment under a court order.

To declare him a fugitive would be contempt of court, Gasim added.

In addition to Gasim, police had also asked self-exiled former president Mohamed Nasheed to come in for questioning.

The reasons behind the sudden move against the two self-exiled leaders remain unclear but comes days after Nasheed officially launched his campaign for the upcoming presidential elections.

Gasim meanwhile is working with the now united opposition on nominating a single candidate to stand for the elections slated for September 23.