Former MDP elite claims Nasheed will not contest in Pres elections

Vice Speaker of Maldives parliament and Hulhu-Henveiru MP 'Reeko' Moosa Manik has claimed his former ally, MDP leader Mohamed Nasheed will not have his name among presidential contenders.

While deliberating at the parliament in Tuesday's sitting regarding the government affiliated PPM parliamentary group leader Ahmed Nihan proposed amendment to presidential election regulations, Manik said the former president will not get the opportunity to contest in election this year.

"I am saying this with enough conviction, and I challenge this when I say former president Mohamed Nasheed will not contest in the upcoming presidential election," Moosa Manik asserted while deliberating in Tuesday's parliament sitting.

The former chairperson of Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP), Moosa Manik has turned its bitter rival and lately directed harsh criticism at his former colleague.

Maldives electoral watchdog as well as the state has claimed Nasheed cannot contest in the election over being ineligible due to his terrorism conviction for which he carries a 13 year jail sentence. However Nasheed claims he will eventually get the opportunity to contest in the election and has commenced his presidential campaign as well.

Under the slogan 'Island President' he has been delivering public speeches via Skype focusing on campaign manifesto.