JP Pres supports Gasim's wife as opposition running mate

Jumhooree Party's new president Ali Waheed has supported to nominate business tycoon and the party's founder Gasim Ibrahim's wife Aishath Nahula as the opposition backed running mate for the upcoming presidential election.

Echoing support to the multi-party coalition's decision to nominate a presidential candidate from MDP and a running from Jumhooree Party, Ali Waheed stated he will be backing the major opposition party's parliamentary group leader and members-favorite Ibrahim Mohamed Solih for president.

According to the new president of Jumhooree Party, Nahula deserves the responsibility since her family has been victimized under the current government.

Gasim's wife Nahula who maintained a steady distance from local politics surprised everyone by her sudden activeness in opposition's movement. She recently participated in Jumhooree Party's council election and guaranteed a seat on it.

She claims the continued injustice towards the business tycoon's son Siyad Gasim has acted as a catalyst towards her decision to join politics.

While opposition has shown great support for Ibrahim Mohamed Solih, MDP's parliamentary group leader as a presidential candidate the former president and the party's founder Mohamed Nasheed on Friday withdrew his name from polls.

Nasheed who self-exiled himself to UK initiated his campaign to garner support for the upcoming election. However ruling party and the island nation's electoral watchdog had claimed the former president was ineligible as a presidential candidate due to his lengthy jail sentence for terrorism conviction.

His decision to step down from president polls has directed Nasheed with laud and public support while several political figures have praised his 'self-less' act.