No room for JP to 'desecrate' presidential polls; says ex-AG

Former attorney general and famed lawyer Husnu Suood has stated the Gasim Ibrahim founded Jumhooree Party should not be provided the opportunity to desecrate upcoming presidential elections.

At a time when the running mate issue has created a crack in JP's leadership and members, Suood tweeted opining he does not believe the party founder's wife Aishath Nahula was 'politically experienced.'

Suood also advised the party to refrain from choosing a running mate on influence of its financier or owner; hinting at Gasim Ibrahim's pegging his wife for the responsibility.

"Let the members of JP council decide who they want to nominate, without coercion from their paymaster and "owner". We cannot let JP ruin #mpe2018 as the stakes are too high," Suood tweeted.

Meanwhile JP on Tuesday has announced their special council meeting to nominate a running mate is slated for Tuesday, next week.