Court cancels Wednesday trial of Gayoom's lawmaker son

Criminal Court on Wednesday has cancelled the scheduled trial hearing on terrorism charged lawmaker son of former president Maumoon Abdul Gayoom.

The Dhiggaru constituency lawmaker Ahmed Faris Maumoon was expected to arrive at Criminal Court on Wednesday morning for the default hearing of his terrorism conviction.

Court has not disclosed the reason for abruptly cancelling the default hearing on Faris Maumoon's case.

The court had only two hearings lodged to its schedule for Wednesday which includes Faris Maumoon's trial as well as south-Galolhu MP Ahmed Mahloof's trial.

Gayoom's lawmaker son is prosecuted by state for his alleged attempt to dethrone incumbent president Abdulla Yameen and his administration by bribing politicians since 2013.

Faris Maumoon is also pressed with alleged involvement in the malicious Supreme Court order on February 1 as well as conspiring with then Commissioner of Police Areef to instigate factions of local police force to spark an uprising.

The lawmaker had denied all allegations to which state had countered by presenting a total of 32 evidences. These include 17 discreet witness testimonials and several confidential documents.